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British Nova

British Nova

For a wide variety of products from British Nova delivered right to your site in the UK, look no further than 1st 4 Cleaning. As a well established producer of floor cleaning materials and unmatched floor care solutions. British Nova have developed excellent brand loyalty. Whether you need floor protection and repair. Or simply a versatile cleaning product, you will certainly find a product in British Nova’s extensive range for you.

Nova Cleer glass cleaners, Nova Treet carpet shampoo, Novagard emulsion, Nova Care mopping fluid, Nova Shield floor dressing. We have it all.

What’s more, 1st 4 Cleaning are the closest supplier to London when it comes to British Nova products. If you’re located in the South East, come to us for an impressive range and unrivaled delivery times.

For further information about the British Nova range in addition to other popular brands of products that we stock here at 1st 4 Cleaning, give us a call today.