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Protective Equipment

While cleaning products and hygiene are essential, so too is health and safety, which is why 1st 4 Cleaning stock a wide variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) for a customers all over the UK.

Whether you’re working in a factory, office, building site or even at home, if the task you’re about to undertake carries with it any health risks, then the correct PPE is paramount. Wearing the right mask and gloves could just be what prevents a serious injury in your workplace, so don’t skimp on quality.

1st 4 Cleaning stock a wide range of health and safety cleaning equipment. We offer personal protective gloves, from non-powdered latex varieties to disposable vinyl gloves. We also offer a range of suits and eye protection for heavy duty cleaning.

Feel free to contact the team here at 1st 4 Cleaning if you would like more information about our impressive range of PPE and janitorial equipment. We’d be happy to assist you.