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moving house cleaning

Moving Home: Cleaning Guide

  Moving house is often one of the most stressful experiences people go through in their lives, but more often than not, the packing is only the beginning. Just the...

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cleaning the kitchen after having the flu

How to Clean & Disinfect Your House After Having The Flu?

We spend a lot of our time at home, especially when we are ill from the flu. The flu is highly contagious, so it’s vital to clean and disinfect your...

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cleaning a sports hall with a floor cleaning machine

How to Use Floor Cleaning Equipment Effectively

A newly cleaned floor can completely transform the way your home or office looks. Keeping your floor clean and tidy is fundamental to keeping your business tidy, efficient and safe....

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Hetty and Henry Hoover

How To Keep Your Henry/Hetty Hoover Clean and Well-maintained

Henry Hoover is a well-trusted brand of vacuum cleaner, as an estimated 20,000 Henrys are sold every week in the UK and around 10 million have been sold since it...

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interior car cleaning

7 Cleaning Hacks for Keeping Your Car Fresh

Everything you own in your life will need a deep clean every once in a while and although it may not be everyone’s favourite job, we’ve got some useful tips...

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What Cleaning Supplies Does an Office Need?

It’s imperative that office spaces are kept clean and tidy. Not only does it create great first impressions, boosting morale and motivation, it’s also important from a health and safety...

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different carpet samples

Should you Use Different Cleaning Products for Different Types of Flooring?

Believe it or not, no two types of flooring are the same. Ensuring you’re using the right products on the right materials is essential to long-lasting floors, saving you the...

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storing chemicals

Where Should You Store Cleaning Chemicals?

Storing your cleaning chemicals properly is important for your organisation and the people in it. We often forget how toxic and dangerous everyday cleaning chemicals can be if handled incorrectly,...

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1st 4 cleaning supplies header

Welcome Article

The team here at 1st 4 Cleaning Supplies would like to welcome you to our brand new blog page. This will feature regular posts updating readers on the latest news...

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