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Johnson Diversey

Johnson Diversey

As one of the top brands here at 1st 4 Cleaning and with over 95 years of experience manufacturing high performance cleaning products, you can rest assured that Johnson Diversey’s range of cleaning products and janitorial supplies will exceed expectations.

Founded in Chicago in 1923, Johnson Diversey is still committed to creating a healthier and safer world through the perfection of its hygiene solutions. Their goals are always future facing, taking into account the planet and all its inhabitants when they manufacture their world class products.

At 1st 4 Cleaning, we have an unrivalled array of Johnson Diversey products. Whether it’s kitchen hygiene floor care products for your household, or cleaning supplies fit for commercial and industrial use, we can deliver them to you anywhere in the UK.

For more information about the Johnson Diversey brand and the products we stock here at 1st 4 Cleaning, simply get in touch today.