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1st 4 Cleaning stock a wide range of Craftex products, delivering them UK-wide to domestic and commercial clients alike.

Established in 1980, Craftex is an industry-leading brand of floor and surface cleaning products and janitorial supplies. Holding innovation at its core, Craftex is committed to producing cleaning supplies which yield superior results. No matter what surface you need cleaning – carpets or upholstery, natural or manmade – Craftex will have a product for the task at hand.

On top of shampoos and other maintenance products, 1st 4 Cleaning stock a variety of Craftex cleaning machines too, including carpet and steam cleaners, so regardless of whether you need fluids or hardware, 1st 4 Cleaning have the Craftex products for your business.

For more information about how 1st 4 Cleaning’s range of Craftex products could revolutionise your cleaning business, simply get in contact today.